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Ajax Programming – Empowering Today’s Web Development Needs

August 5th, 2018

Ajax is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Since its introduction in 2005, it has received a lot of commendation and praise for flexibility. One of its main characteristics is to communicate with server-side scripts. Ajax can send as well as receive information in a variety of formats such as XML, HTML, and even text files.

The asynchronous nature of Java is its most appealing characteristics. Therefore, Ajax programming is deployed in areas where it is possible to send data over the Internet without reloading the whole page. This makes it a favorable program for Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and Web 2.0.

Ajax has not evolved overnight. Rather, it is a collection of interconnected web development technologies and programming languages. The web is not in its formative stages any more and ahs evolved to a considerable extent. The present day interactions need to be fast and interactive to cope up with the present demands. However, the dynamic nature of Ajax solves the complex needs of web design applications today.

The ability of Ajax to send data over the Internet without the need to reload the page is why many programmers find it one of the most convenient languages. This feature of Ajax saves a lot of time and effectively conserves bandwidth. Moreover, since Ajax is a cross platform technology, it is possible to use Ajax on a variety of browsers, operating systems and a range of computer architectures.

The strength of Ajax as a programming language has made it a favorite for developing Web 2.0 sites. Currently, many modern and dynamic sites make use of Ajax for interactive utilities and user-friendly applications. Ajax definitely has a variety of advantages over conventional web development techniques:

• Ability to load their pages faster
• Enhanced graphics abilities
• Capability to reload only certain elements of a page rather than a complete page
• Cross platform technology and utilization of a wide range of computer architectures
• Utilization on a wide range of operating systems

Today, many developers have accumulated extensive knowledge in Ajax programming and are providing their development services to many organizations big or small across a variety of industry verticals. Presently, many websites incorporate Ajax technology and run many applications ranging from simple to complex enterprise solutions.

Web Development Firms Get Help From iPhone Application Technology

August 4th, 2018

Ever since iPhones landed the market, technology has altogether found a different meaning and has made an important place in people’s lives since it lets user to enjoy the best via mobile phones so that they can be in contact with anyone and anywhere at any given time. The device gives an access to internet, has inbuilt camera, touch screen pad, beautiful design, audio and video conferencing, voice dialing, and many other controls. An estimation informs us that almost 21 million people around the world are iPhone users and the number is becoming gigantic with time as more number of people are getting their hands on the wonder phone. There are numerous applications that are being developed and launched every now and then in the market place. Downloading and configuration of these apps is absolutely easy. This is another reason why it is has been able to gain so much popularity. The sales figure is much on the rise and the benefits that one gets by making use of this phone are many. Most of the web development firms have been outsourcing the services only because the share of profits is impressive. Applications are received at a lower prices but the sales price ranges higher so it is all a profitable scenario for such firms.

One can find online application stores that offer various applications at real affordable prices over the Web. Web developing corporations have been basking in the glory of success and seeing the scenario, it only seems that the demand for the same would boost up immensely so the business would always be hot place for the developers. iPhone application development could be based on any given topic. These apps may be relating games, quiz, cooking, or various other themes and the way they are developed is such that people need not find it difficult while using. Such developing firms do not need hopping from places or incur added expenses to set up resources process and skilled personnel are easily available in today’s time. Outsourcing procedure is uncomplicated and income generation is highly satisfying.

Search Engine Friendly Web Development – Part 1

August 3rd, 2018

When it comes to designing a website many developers don’t put any thought into how the search engines work. This really is poor in this day and age. There is little point to a nice flashy looking website if it won’t get indexed or found when searching in Google. You could liken it to buying a nice shinny car without an engine; it looks the part but doesn’t go.

Doing the design is pretty much common sense, don’t use too many contrasting colours, and don’t have too much moving or flashy text. Make sure all the content is easily found linking off the home page or each section anyway. Ensure that you don’t have to click more than 3 times to find something as this could put people off. The best bet is to look for good sites and get ideas off them. There is little point redesigning the wheel that works perfectly well. Obviously you can’ outright copy other websites but you can certainly use their template design but your own design logo on this.

Many web developers use flash which is fine and dandy for a banner on your site but if the whole site is built in flash then it will never work properly in search engines. Search engines like Google analyse text which is fine for a site built out of XHMTL, php or asp, but for flash build websites all the text is hidden within the flash code which cannot be read by search engines.

E-commerce stores, forums, blogs or any content management system will be database driven. Web developers don’t seem to realise is that database driven sites can be search engine friendly, but many developers don’t even think about this in the development stage. There are two types of URLs dynamic and static. A dynamic URL is a page address that is the result from the search of a database driven website or a web page that runs a script to display the data. Static URLs are from web pages that stay the same and have been hard-coded using HTML. The difference between them is obvious when you look at them visually. See below to see the difference

Dynamic URL: http: //

Static URL: http: //

You can see the difference immediately. The static URL actually describes what the page is about whereas the dynamic URL is just a number and tells us little except it is a vacancy detail. If this is telling you what a page is about, imagine what it’s telling the search engine… the same. Simple really.

The trouble with dynamic URLs apart from the obvious is that search programs like Google, Yahoo and Bing don’t like them as much as static URLs or search engine friendly URLs. Now search engines are getting better at indexing dynamic URLs but in search engine terms you can’t beat a search engine friendly URL. So what is the solution?

Now because database driven sites are generally large it would be quite a task to go in and change them all manually but you don’t have too. As long as your site is hosted on a Linux server you can make use of the Apache ModRewrite Rule which gives you the ability to redirect one URL to another. There is plenty of help on the internet about implementing this rule and every web developer should be learning it.

See Search Engine Friendly Web Development Part 2.