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Should You Hire a Web Designer Or a Web Developer?

August 11th, 2018

Not all people who understand the need to have a website actually understand the difference between a web designer and a web developer. Of course, it is important for the two to be differentiated because the outcome of a website will depend on the capabilities of each one.

Although their functions naturally overlap, there are clear differences between a designer and a developer. A designer is concerned strictly with the visual design and arrangement of content while a developer has more in-depth and technical knowledge into making this design work. A designer is someone who merely creates the design while a developer can both create a design and put the necessary codes to make the design functional. In other words, a designer cannot stand alone but a developer can actually make a site work using his design and his technical skills in web technology.

The question is, should you hire a web designer or a web developer? The most essential difference between the two is not very hard to understand. A designer is usually very creative and innovative when it comes to content and presentation. He will know what color combinations work, what shapes complement each other and he can even introduce unique or cutting edge presentations of the content or information. The design usually ends up more attractive and more engaging to website visitors. Obviously, this is his main advantage. On the other hand, the web developer can create a design but is usually less innovative with it. He will often settle for traditional or common approaches to the design process. However, the developer himself can make this design actually functional with the use of his technical knowledge that will allow him to lodge this design onto a usable domain where the people can begin to access the site.

Why is it important to understand what sets one apart from the other? It is because when a client wants to put up a site, he should know what to expect from the professional he is hiring. If he is to work with a web developer, he may find the product to be very plain and technical-looking but functional. If he contracts the services of a web designer, he may be very pleased with the high level of creativity but dismayed to find out that he has to hire another guy to get this design out to work.

In other words, when hiring somebody for any job, it is important to make sure that client expectations are met. Otherwise, this could create problems that will ultimately affect the quality of the finished website. From the beginning, it must then be clear what one can expect from the other in order to avoid disappointments and a waste of time, energy and money. After all, it wouldn’t matter what content management system they use. Whether it’s custom Dotnetnuke or any other content management solution, the most important is for the client to be satisfied with the results using the simplest, easiest and most practical ways.

Ensure A Lucrative Business Experience With Sound Web Development Services

August 10th, 2018

In today’s competitive age, it’s highly essential for a business to mark its presence everywhere. Basically, this means that every business (regardless of its size or structure) needs thorough promotion via different advertising mediums like TV commercials, hoardings, print media and many more. Today, Internet is that one medium which rules the world of advertising. In fact, it’s more powerful and influential than any other mode of endorsement. Any business that aims at flourishing and expanding must have its presence strongly felt over the Web.

At present, having a good website is indispensable for every business. Since Internet has spread its roots to every corner of the world, it became an essential part of our day-to-day lives. A well planned and custom-made website can help your business in many ways. A structured and professional-looking website encourages a good name for your company over the Internet. However, the process of website customization calls for a lot of effort, time and resources. Hence, it’s highly essential to consider a few factors before appointing an e-commerce website design company to boost your business website.

Competition Assessment

Remember, your business is not the lone one in the market; in fact, there are thousands of contending agencies out there, offering similar set of services to their consumers. So, it’s highly essential to analyze the mindset of your target customers and the way your competitors use their commercial websites. Most of the times, custom-made websites prove beneficial in fetching more traffic and prospective customers.

Abide by the Industry Regulations

When your website follows specific industry rules and principles, it adds more visibility and distinction to your business. When it comes to website designing, these industry standards play a very critical role. As per the industry standards, one must abide by a range of important things. In case you find that other websites in your business niche follow certain basic principles, you may go ahead with the strategy. Again, if you see that your contenders are installing add-ons and animated videos in their websites, you may also give it a try.

Analyze Financial Limitations

A good web designing process calls for time and resources. The cost goes up when you appoint a web development company to build your website according to your preference. For small or developing businesses, budget is definitely an important concern. Hence, take enough time and decide whether you can afford professional assistance or not. In case you find it extremely difficult or complicated, go safe with your existing Web exposure and take more initiatives to make it compatible and unique.

Try Open Source Strategy

For those in search of an effective and affordable option, open source policy is the best option for customized website designing. Some of the most popular and effective open source platforms are – Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. Besides being absolutely free, they offer extremely convenient and spontaneous consumer-friendly interface. Even though these factors are extremely critical, it’s always advisable to seek help of a renowned and experienced website development firm.

Custom Web designing Company – How to Pick the Best

Before you sign any contract or agreement, consider doing a thorough background check. When talking to the designer, you must clearly explain your business needs and goals; this’ll help them in creating the best possible website for your company. When looking for the best designing professional, you must keep the following essential things in mind.


When making such a big investment, you must always look for an established and reputable organization. Generally, a renowned agency maintains a certain standard in all their tasks. They have a team of qualified and experienced professionals who build the website as per the needs of the client. Hence, it’s always advisable to choose an agency that has been in the industry for a long time. This works as a sort of assurance for the clients.

Track Record

A professional designer or designing agency has an exceptional track record up its sleeves. They stick to the prescribed time frame and complete the project within the given closing date. Consider speaking to former customers who worked with the agency in the past. Inquire about their experience. In case you find them happy and contented with their work, you may go ahead and hire them.

Javascript is More Popular With Web Developers Than PHP

August 9th, 2018

Mozilla is more than just the organization behind Firefox. The browser still gets all the attention, but the Mozilla Foundation is working on several fronts related to the web and web development. In fact, the organization has recently launched the Mozilla Developer Network to create a useful resource for the many developers who use Firefox as their main tool for web development. At the time, a survey was also announced to find out some details about its intended audience.

“Two weeks ago we announced the launch of the Mozilla Developer Network. We also asked for your help through this short survey for Web developers. The questions were meant to understand who you are, what you’re interested in, and what resources would be most useful to you on MDN. We’re happy to report that we have received over 3,600 responses so far, so thank you!,” the post on Mozilla’s blog read.

The group wants at least 5,000 responses until it’s ready to close the survey, but has released some of the preliminary data. One of the most interesting questions was related to the technologies that the developers preferred and used. HTML was, of course, used by very close to 100 percent of those questioned, followed by CSS and JavaScript, which came in very close, both being used by more than 90 percent of the developers. PHP came in third, with about 70 percent of the developers using it. Other technologies were closely packed together, but were below 30 percent.

Another question that was particularly of interest to Mozilla was about the set of tools those surveyed used. Unsurprisingly, close to 90 percent of the developers employed Firefox plus a number of development tools like the very popular Firebug add-on. The second most popular set of tools used by developers consisted of plain text editors, but mostly those with more advanced capabilities like highlighting syntax and other features useful to them.

Adobe Photoshop came in third, again no big surprise here, the software is still the best image editor around. But if you don’t feel represented by the results, the survey is still running, so you can still make your voice heard.