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Javascript is More Popular With Web Developers Than PHP

Mozilla is more than just the organization behind Firefox. The browser still gets all the attention, but the Mozilla Foundation is working on several fronts related to the web and web development. In fact, the organization has recently launched the Mozilla Developer Network to create a useful resource for the many developers who use Firefox as their main tool for web development. At the time, a survey was also announced to find out some details about its intended audience.

“Two weeks ago we announced the launch of the Mozilla Developer Network. We also asked for your help through this short survey for Web developers. The questions were meant to understand who you are, what you’re interested in, and what resources would be most useful to you on MDN. We’re happy to report that we have received over 3,600 responses so far, so thank you!,” the post on Mozilla’s blog read.

The group wants at least 5,000 responses until it’s ready to close the survey, but has released some of the preliminary data. One of the most interesting questions was related to the technologies that the developers preferred and used. HTML was, of course, used by very close to 100 percent of those questioned, followed by CSS and JavaScript, which came in very close, both being used by more than 90 percent of the developers. PHP came in third, with about 70 percent of the developers using it. Other technologies were closely packed together, but were below 30 percent.

Another question that was particularly of interest to Mozilla was about the set of tools those surveyed used. Unsurprisingly, close to 90 percent of the developers employed Firefox plus a number of development tools like the very popular Firebug add-on. The second most popular set of tools used by developers consisted of plain text editors, but mostly those with more advanced capabilities like highlighting syntax and other features useful to them.

Adobe Photoshop came in third, again no big surprise here, the software is still the best image editor around. But if you don’t feel represented by the results, the survey is still running, so you can still make your voice heard.

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