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Find Web Developers

Finding the Right Web Development Consultant

Finding the right web developer for your project can present numerous challenges. Whether you prefer a professional web design firm or a skilled freelance developer, ensuring that the consultant has right experience and understanding of your project will be key to a successful outcome.

Increasingly becoming a staple in small business and entrepreneur web sites, Content Management System (CMS) platforms, such as WordPress and Drupal, and ecommerce platforms, such as osCommerce and Magento, offer low cost and ease of use benefits that make these Open Source solutions attractive options for a budget-conscience project. Finding skilled professionals to integrate, support, and secure these systems, however, is far more important than selecting a low cost solution.

When selecting a developer for your website design or installation, there are several questions to consider, some of which you should ask the potential consultant directly:

  1. What is the extent of their design experience? When dealing with a web development firm, ask this of the specific developers that will work on your project. The overall experience of the firm is nice to know, but the detailed experience of the people working on your web design or installation is key to its success. Ask about experience in key technology areas, such as PHP, jQuery, database services such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, and specifically the CMS or ecommerce solution you have selected for your project.
  2. Ask for a short list of references, along with examples of finished work product the individual developer(s) have delivered. Take the time to contact the references, and review the work examples carefully.
  3. Provide the prospective vendor or developer with a detailed list of project requirements, the scope of the project, and what you will accept as a “final deliverable.” Leave no room for misunderstanding, and ask clearly if the vendor or developer fully understands the scope of the project and what is expected.
  4. Inform the developer that you will be involved in the project, even if only to review progress, and lay out a schedule for expected status updates and milestone targets. A reputable website design firm will welcome client involvement, as it lessens the risk of project failure and unhappy clients.

Remember that Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website traffic volume, and the overall marketing success of your web sales campaign depend on the design and usability of your website. Make sure you spend the time to find a quality and reputable website design firm or developer to help ensure your success.

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